Top 3 Cities You Can Prefer To Migrate To Canada

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There are many reasons behind people from all across the world who are applying to migrate to Canada apart from staying and working. The country has a lot of beautiful places to work and live for the immigrants. Apart from offering lots of high paying jobs, the country has better healthcare and education- which as a whole make Canada one of the most preferred countries for immigration for sure. The Canada immigration laws are very much in favor of the immigrants and thus, the immigrant-friendly country experiences huge immigrant communities in many parts of the country. Lastly, where the safety of the country attracts the immigrants to come, the country is also proud of its high living standard. 

If you are considering migrating to Canada for living and working in the country, you must know the top cities with maximum people to migrate to Canada and what rea reasons behind that.

Let’s Talk About The Factors Which Make The Cities The Best To Migrate To Canada:

Canada holds the second position globally as a god country to live in the top 5 cities that we have listed below are based on the following factors.


Canada is the second biggest county in the world and more than 21% of its total population is foreigners. Safety is the concern of anyone who is moving to a new city for living. The country has never been on the news for being attacked by terrorists. You can also migrate to Canada to have a calm lifestyle in the country.

Political Stability:

Canada is the 11th largest and one of the most stable economies in the world. The parliamentary democracy and the economy of the country is very much linked to the USA. The government is beneficial and the absence of violence and terrorism makes the country politically stable. 


The next thing that you think about when you think to migrate to Canada is if its affordable to stay in Canada. According to the comparison report by Statistics from Numbeo, it was clear that the cost of living in Canada is way cheaper than the USA. Though there are expensive cities in Canada too, the average household income of those cities is also higher.

Job Market:

The job market of Canada is developed like any other developed country. Through the Canada immigration Express Entry, there are many immigrants who can grab the job opportunities in the service sector of Canada. Due to the possibilities, the unemployment rates remain very low in the country. People with excellent communication skills also get better job opportunities than others. If anyone has a good command in French as well as in English, they can bag the highest paying jobs in Canada


Medicare is the healthcare system in Canada which is generally funded and is free to the maximum extent. The residents with a Canada PR and the citizens of Canada can apply for public health insurance. This means that the general people don’t need to pay for healthcare in any hospital, clinic or federal health care services. As an employee, people can also get some extra benefits from employers. Even without a government, card people can get the benefit of free emergency services. 


1.Ottawa, Ontario:

Though the city is neither big nor small, every year many immigrants to Canada from India and other parts of the world shift to stay and work in Ottawa. The city is located in the Quebec border and in eastern Ontario and the city generally gave English speaking people all over.

The city is quiet and seems to be very reserved. The city is also ranked 14th as the best city in the world. Moneysense, the Canadian magazine, has announced Ottawa to be the number 1 place in Canada to live in. The average household income of the city is $89,400. The houses are quite affordable and as per the survey report of Forbes, this is the 4th cleanest city in the world.

Because of having so many tech companies in the city, this is called to be the ‘Silicon Valley of the North’. More than half the population of the municipality is a university graduate and the town mostly has highly educated people and skilled workforce. It is easy to have a suburban lifestyle in the budget in Ottawa, with moderately expensive housings and high salaries.

2.Waterloo, Ontario:

Waterloo is the smallest city among the three cities of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. The high living standard and the rich culture if the city influences many newcomers to come and stay in the city with a Canada PR. The employment opportunity of the city decreases the rate of unemployment in the city and the immigrants have the choice to remain in the mid-sized town or even in the countryside. The technology and the manufacturing sectors of the city create the maximum number of job opportunities. The city is also home to one of the modern universities of Canada; the University of Waterloo.

3.Gatineau, Quebec:

This is probably known as the most beautiful province and is the home for more than 8.5 million people. The vast forests and the rolling hills are the main attraction of the city and the multi-cultural region is also called the ‘Europe of North America’. This is the 4th largest city of the province with mostly French-speaking people. Many people stay in Gatineau and work in Ottawa for both the cities being geographically close to each other. The best part of the city is that the residents can find bigger houses in lower rents in the city. The childcare services of the municipality are subsidized and that is another reason that parents with small kids prefer Quebec PR immigration for staying in Quebec.

Now that you know the top three cities and also know the factors which have made them be in our list, pack your bags and get your moving plans ready. There are many Canada immigration consultants and moving companies which can also help out to move to a foreign country by shipping your belongings. With Canada PR visa you can stay and work in any part of Canada. You can even prefer staying in one city while working g at others.


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