7 Things To Ignore To Avoid The Rejection Of Your Canada Permanent Resident Application

Canada Permanent Resident Application

Canada is one of the most welcoming countries for immigrates. Every year many people submit their Canada Permanent Resident application for their job, education, and other purposes and among them, many try to get the Canada PR while staying in the country. Other people try to achieve the permanent residency of the country before going there. The merit-based process and variety of visa programs make Canada the favorite destination for immigrants. 

Despite being a country, which invites immigrants from different countries to stay in Canada, there are many reasons which can lead to the rejection of your Canada Permanent Resident Application. 

If you think that what rejection can cost you, then let us tell you that once your permanent residency application is rejected, you might need to follow the same Canada PR application process to apply all over again. Thus, if you are willing to get your permanent residency in Canada as early as possible, know the common reason that can increase the chances of PR application rejection and try to avoid them.


  1. Misrepresentation Cases: The IRCC is very mindful of the misrepresentation cases in the Canada PR application. If any individual is charged with a misrepresentation case, it is pronounced that his/her application will be refused. In fact, the use of that individual will be rejected and not admissible. Thus, it is always better to take care of the Canada Permanent Resident Application form to keep yourself away from a misrepresentation case.

Possible instances of misrepresentations could be:

  • Submitting a fake document
  • Not mentioning about your family members
  • Declaring a fake job experience
  • Unable to declare about the visa refusal in other countries
  • Engage in a marriage which can’t be declared genuinely
  • Providing inconsistent information in different forms submitted during the Canada PR visa process

2. Medical Reasons: If you apply for Canada PR from India or any other country, you mandatorily need to know about their healthcare system. The country is very much dedicated to is healthcare. The country has its insurance and other healthcare provisions for its residents. Once you apply for the PR and your application is granted, you will also get benefited from the privileges of the healthcare system provided by the Canadian government.

But there is a policy set by the government which may lead to refuse your Canada Permanent Resident Application as an ‘excessive demand.’ 

As per the policy, if you are the one who is applying for the Canada PR, you need to undergo a medical examination which will be done by the medical officers of Canada. Your PR application may encounter a rejection if:

  • You are found to be suffering from any severe health problem which can affect the overall health of other residents.
  • If your health conditions seem to be an excessive demand for the healthcare services of the Canadian government.

3. Criminal Involvement: When you apply for permanent residency in Canada, you will also need to have a criminal background check. If any applicant is found with a criminal record, it is pronounced that his/her application will see a rejection. Even though if you have a criminal record in the country where you lived in or maybe which is home country, your Canada Permanent Resident Application may get rejected. It doesn’t matter how small is the criminal record, the refusal depends upon how you disclose it in your Canada PR visa application. It is always better to be very honest about your past criminal record in the Canada PR Visa application.

4. Missing the deadline: To make the process of the PR, the IRCC has made specific deadlines for every submission, be it the forms and the documents. All the applicants need to abide by all the dates and deadlines. If at any point you miss or forget any deadline, it will be undeniable that your Canada Permanent Resident Application form may get rejected or denied. It is always better to gather the information about the date of submission of all the documents that you need to submit to ignore any such event.

Sometimes the applicants may get an extension of a few days, but those are in some exceptional cases and the applicants need to mention the reason behind that.

5. Finance: Along with Canada PR Visa Fees and any other document, the applicants need to submit their bank statements too. The bank statements are the proof of funds which is also a process of the Canada Permanent Residency Application. The financial statements are proof that the applicant can financially support him/herself along with the family while staying in the country. The requirement of the fund in the account varies depending upon the program that is chosen by the individual. If the applicant fails to keep enough funds according to the requirement of the program, the application may get rejected.

6. Incomplete Document Submission: The Canada immigration document requirements are already set by the IRCC and every individual need to follow that. There is an essential step in the Canada PR application process, and that is every applicant needs to submit a set of documents following the checklist sent to their mailbox. The documents must justify the authenticity of all the information shared about the applicant to the government or the immigration department. It is always advisable to keep all the documents ready before or while applying for the PR visa to avoid any delay or error in the application process.

Remember that at many places, the applicants run out of time while gathering all the documents required for the Canada Permanent Resident Application. Many reports also take more than expected time and can also be the reason behind the rejection if not submitted on time.

7. Applying when you are not eligible: There are around 60 unique immigration programs which can help you to get the PR visa of Canada. Every program has its own sets of rules and requirements. As per the criteria of IRCC, the profiles of the applicants need to be eligible for getting the PR visa. There are many factors under eligibility like the age of the applicants, work experience, education, language proficiency, etc. If any of your descriptions don’t match the requirement, your Canada Permanent Resident Application can get rejected.


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