What Is The Best Provincial Nominee Program For Immigration To Canada In 2020?

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Canada consists of 13 territories and provinces. Such 13 provinces are all working on their systems for migration, which is referred to as the Provincial Nominee Program or the PNPs. While they have diverse demographics and economies, their Canada Immigration programs, which are tailored to meet their demographic and economic needs, are varying.

Importance Of The Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program of Canada allows territories and regions in Canada to anoint persons who wish to move to Canada and settle in a specific region for Jobs in Canada.

The only federal candidate system in Canada is in every territory and province. Each provincial nominee program in Canada is compatible with the federal express entry system and has at least one immigration source.

All provincial nominations given under the express entry draw are also known as enhanced nominations and offer additional CRS points to candidates in the Express Entry.The provincial nominee program is the application filled on the paper-based form. One must apply the same in two different stages.

  • Firstly, you need to decide where in Canada you are planning to live. Based on that, you are required to apply in that territory or the province for nomination.
  • The experts will then review the application depending on your immigration needs, if you have plans of living there
  • The region or the province nominates you, and you are then required to apply for your permanent residency to Canada.

Eligibility Requirements For The Provincial Nominee Program In Canada

You must comply with the following conditions when you wish to apply as per the Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream:

  • Meeting territorial or non-express streaming requirements of the province;
  • To be named under the flow

Steps Involved In The PNP Application Process

You need to fill the application form if you wish to travel to Canada for various job opportunities. After you are nominated by the province, you need to apply for the PR in Canada. The application process consists of if the instruction guide and all the other forms must be filled once the province nominates you. Then the guide fills out the forms in a proper way.

If you haven’t mentioned all the appropriate information in the application for the PR in Canada then the authorities can:

  • refuse your application
  • your application is found inadmissible
  • stop you from applying for permanent residency in Canada for the time span of five years

Paying The Application Fees

Many cases include:

  • Payments process on the application
  • PR fee right
  • Biometrics
  • 3rd party fees
  • You are required to pay fees in online mode
Biometric Fees

In most of the cases, you need to pay biometric fees when you apply. In a few cases, you can even experience some delays. The biometric fees even cover the cost to collect the fingerprints and the digital photographs.

After you pay biometric fees along with the completely filled application, you might receive the confirmation letter which says that you need to give the biometrics. 

You are required to produce the confirmation letter when you provide your biometrics. The biometrics must be produced in person and you must also book the appointment to take advantage of the service.

Third-Party Fees 

You need to pay the 3rd party fees based on the below criteria:

  • Educational credential assessment
  • Police certificates
  • Medical examinations

There is also an instruction guide available, which helps people in understanding which fees apply to you and also shows you how to pay them.

Submission Of The Application

See that you don’t forget anything. If you happen to miss something then: 

  • Your application remains incomplete
  • It will be sent back to you without processing
  • You need to fix the mistakes and then submit the application again

If your application has been approved by the territory, the next step is to apply for permanent residency in the time limit. The province will notify you when you apply via the Express Entry System or the usual application procedure:

  • The Express Entry application must be completed and accepted into the pool if you are not already on the Express Entry List. You may start the process by using the “Come to Canada tool”.


  • Non-Express entry procedure: Procedure for permanent residence by the usual application process for permanent residency of permanent resident applicants eligible for the non-Express Entry stream.

Important Factors For The Eligibility Of PNP

The conditions for eligibility for PNP differ throughout the province. PNPs are usually built to draw people, who can contribute easily to the economy and are also likely to live in that province because they are part of the economic migration program. Many PNPs also gain immigrants with technical experience in the requested province. Many PNPs are supporting immigrants who have a connection, like a parent, with the region as it increases their chances of remaining in the area.

The young candidates who are excellently trained in their language, have the high educational qualifications and are ideally matched to success, just as in most economic migration programs. The list of PNPs listed later should, therefore, be reviewed for the individual assessment of eligibility requirements for each program.

Different Nomination Programs For The Provincial Express Entry

In 2015 Canada launched Express Entry in the same big economic immigration systems as a method for handling permanent residency applications. Since that time, many states and territories in Canada, compliant with Express Entry, have developed ‘enhanced’ PNP sources. This offers an opportunity to meet the criteria for PNP registration, and certain PNPs may need the candidate to have the Express Entry profile.

The applicant can demand 600 additional CRS points if he or she is approved by PNPs compatible with the Express Entry, and effectively make sure they get the invitation to apply for permanent stay in Canada (ITA) at the next Express Entry Draft. Instead, the applicant will apply the paper-based federal permanent residency application when the nomination is obtained from a PNP that is not compatible with the Express Entry and the provincial nominee. Paper-based national applications for permanent residence can take far longer than electronic applications for express entry.

To get more information about the Provincial nominee programs, be in touch with People Immigration.


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