What Are The Procedures For The Provincial Nominee Program For Immigrants For Canada PR

PNP Procedures For Immigrants for Canada PR

The provincial nominee program holds a crucial part in the immigration policy of Canada PR. There are more than 200000 people who are expected to get the PR of Canada through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program between 2019 to 2021. There is some economic Canadian immigration in pathways and Provincial Nominee Program is the fastest growing among all of those.

Along with the increasing interest for the Canada PNP, the federal government has increased the annual allocation for the same. But there are specific points that the applicants need to keep in mind is that the program has got the importance as the government wants to employ more and more skilled laborers in the organizations of the country and can enhance the financial status of the country.

Thus, the provincial nominee program looks for the individual who has skills, academic and work experience to contribute towards the economy of the country.

The applicant must be willing to reside in Canada and is applying for the Canada Permanent Residency application.

The Procedure For The Provincial Nominee Program For Canada PR

Even before we start talking about the step by step guide, the applicants need to know that what they need to do mandatorily at the initial stage. The applicants need to have an express entry profile during the process.

  1. Submit the Express Entry Profile: The first step for the applicant is to create an express entry profile. The applicant needs to be eligible for any one of the federal immigration program to meet the criteria of the Canada immigration express entry. Once the candidate satisfies all the requirements, he/she will be added to the pool of the express entry candidates. If a country or province nominates you, you will receive a certificate of nomination. During the application for the express entry, you need to show that certification of nomination.
    In the ‘Nomination and Selection’ segment of the application forms, the candidate needs to choose yes once he/she has acquired the nomination verification from the province. Once the nomination is confirmed you may proceed to the next step.
  2. Get the Express Entry Stream Nomination: You can confirm your nomination electronically once you have applied for the Canada PR express entry stream and the province has decided to nominate you. After you have successfully submitted your profile the next this that is on the to-do list for you is to contact the territory of the province directly and to prove them with your job seeker validation code and the profile number for your express entry. The province will then confirm with the IRCC for your nomination of immigration. You will receive a notification in your account, and you will get all the rights to either accept or to reject the nomination. If you decide to take the nomination and the system will find our that you met all the requirements and you will be directed to the pool of applicants for the express entry with 600 additional points.
  3. Invitation to Apply: To have the Canada PR, the first thing that you will need to have is the invitation to apply. If the regulating body decides to invite you, considering all the eligibility that you have to have a residency in Canada, you will receive a message in your account. The next step that you can do is that you can apply for the PR online. Once you receive the invitation to apply you will get 60 days to apply online for the Canada PR. When you receive the nomination certificate, you also receive 600 points and which also increases your rank in the comprehensive ranking system and your scope pf receiving the invitation to apply increases.
  4. Fill the Application Form: Once you apply for the permanent residency of Canada, you will receive another message in your account which will help you to know the Provincial Nominee Program that you may apply to, how many points you have achieved so far, the deadline of submitting the application and also the next steps that you need to take after that. The online application for the Canada PR will be then filled online by you and you can also upload all your supporting documents online only. The fees of the application also needed to be paid online during the process.

What Are The Application Options For The Canada PNP 2020?

The way of applying for the Canada PNP 2020 depended upon the stream that you were applying to. Sometimes you may need to apply through a paper-based process, and at times you may even need to apply online. As a part of the entire process, you may need to undergo a medical test and a background check by the police.

No matter where in Canada you want to stay you mandatorily need to undergo all the processes.

Paper-Based Process:
  1. You apply for the nomination to the province or territory through a non-express entry program
  2. You need to meet all the eligibility criteria set by the nominating body or the province
  3. Once you are nominated, you can apply for the permanent residency of Canada under any of the programs you are eligible for
  4. You need to undergo the medical checks and the police verification
  5. The processing time is more than the Express Entry
Express Entry Process:

There are two ways to apply in an Express Entry Process.

  1. You can contact the province to nominate you under an express entry stream
  2. Once the province decides to nominate you, you can create an Express Entry profile for Canada PR and can show that you have been nominated


  1. You can create an Express Entry profile to let the province know that you are interested
  2. Once you receive a notification of interest from the province, you can contact the province
  3. You apply to the Express Entry Stream. If you are nominated, you will receive all the information and the nomination certificate in your own account.
Both the ways of Application:
  • You must be eligible and must have all the criteria set by the province
  • You must have the minimum standards to apply for the Express Entry which also needs to include one immigration program out of three.
    You can apply electronically to IRCC once you receive the invitation to apply.


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