Let The Myths Regarding The Canada Immigration Process Burst

What are some Myths about Canada Immigration Process

It can be hard to manage the PR application for the Canada immigration process according to the guidelines and the rule and regulations. There are many pre-decided strategies and values already set by the regulatory bodies for the people who are willing to have a Canada PR. After the Express Entry program got introduced in the market, there is a complete revolution in the entire process. There are many new practices that have been adapted to make the process more seamless and timelier.

Myths & Reality About the Canada Immigration Process:

However, we have noticed that even after the information is available online many people still have some misconceptions about the Canada immigration process. Here we are trying to tackle some of the myths which are involved with the concept of Canada immigration.

  1. You can have an eternal PR: There is a misconception among many of the immigrants is that permanent residency lasts forever and ends with their life. The immigrants generally think that they become a permanent resident of Canada after receiving the PR card. But that is nothing but a myth. The truth is that the government of Canada can test your permanent resident if they believe that you haven’t performed your duties to preserve your permanent residency in Canada.
  2. You can spend as much time as you want in other countries with a Canadian PR: Many immigrants who have the PR card of Canada wish to travel to other countries outside Canada for many purposes like business, education or healthcare. The government of Canada doesn’t have any restrictions while you are willing to travel to many other countries having the PR of Canada.
    But they definitely make sure that preserve all the obligations of spending time inside the Canada border. If you spend more than two out of five years in some other country, it may cost you to lose your permanent residency in Canada. The event can also intricate your PR status in Canada.
  3. Anyone is eligible for the express entry: After the express entry program got introduced, people tend to think that the permanent residency program for Canada has now become easier for everyone. The biggest misconception here is that anyone who is applying for a PR is eligible to enter the pool of the Canada immigration process express entry. That is not true at all. To be eligible to enter the express entry pool the applicants need to qualify for one of the three federal economic immigration programs out of the three.
  4. Small Lies don’t affect your PR application: The data or information that you provide while lodging for your Canada PR application must be valid and accurate. You must know that even though you will prefer lying some of the information regarding you and the background, all the information will be thoroughly checked and the applicant will need to provide a supporting document to justify the authenticity of the information previously provided. So, you may not lose the opportunity to apply for further PR for the next few years.
  5. You will no longer be a PR after losing the PR Card: There is another concept that you are a permanent resident of Canada as long as you have the PR card with you. Many people immigration think that their PR from Canada will be revoked once they lose their PR card. But that is not the truth. Even when you have lost your PR card, you still are the citizen of Canada. But you need to follow some process to arrange a replacement of the lost card as it reflects your citizenship.
  6. The express entry makes the whole process very easy: It takes 6 to 8 months to get the permanent residency of Canada through the Canada immigration express entry process and there is no lie in this. Many people think that along with making the entire process faster, the method also becomes comfortable with the express entry program. But that is not how it is. The Canadian government is trying to improve the immigration system to fulfill the gap of requirements for skilled laborers for the employers of the country and to meet their economic needs.
    That definitely means that the Canadian immigration process has become more efficient. But that definitely doesn’t mean that your application will not undergo a thorough verification like it used to be before. The applicants still need to provide all the supporting documents for verification and make sure that all the information provided is 100% accurate.
  7. You can know your ranking in the CRS and can improve it: The CRS ranking plays a pivotal role in the Invitation to apply for Canadian PR. The score is based on many things like the result of the language test that you need to take, your academic background, age, and many other factors. That is an accurate way to rank the eligible candidates for the Canada PR. The applicants can definitely see their points during the draws and also van knows their ranks at that time. But there is no opportunity for them to rectify the score once it is in the pool already.
  8. You get enough time to arrange all the documents after the ITA: It can be struggling for you if you wait till you receive the Invite to apply for the Canadian PR. The deadline for submitting all the documents after the invitation to apply is just 60 days. But if that is seeming to be more than enough time for you then let me tell you that there are many documents which take more than 2 to 3 weeks to come to your hand. The applicants must arrange all the documents before ignoring any mistake due to a hurry.

If you are willing to apply for a PR immigration, you may take expert help to make the process flawless. It is difficult and challenging for an individual to go through the process alone. The rules and regulations get updated frequently along with the necessity. It is always better to ask out for the most trusted Canada immigration consultants at your city and start applying for the Canada Permanent Residency visa.


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