Mistakes To Avoid In Canada Permanent Residency Application

Some Common Mistakes While Applying For Canada Permanent Residency Application

If you are thinking of a better quality of life, then Canada is already on your list and we know that better. Either you belong to a developed country or a developing country, if you are looking for some better opportunity in Canada, then you are no way wrong. The welcoming approach of the country is catching the interest of immigrants from all over the world. The high standard of living and the enormous career growth are some of the very factors why the immigrants are willing to go for the Canada PR Application to live in the country.
The PR holders get the same privileges as the citizens of the country do. There is no doubt that among the immigrants who are applying for the Canada PR Visa every year, there are many Indians. If you manage to have the PR of Canada, you can live and also can work in the country for the next five years.
You will also be able to have many benefits and subsidies in education and healthcare among others. There are many immigration programs by the federal government to make the immigration process easy for the immigrants. The country always looks forward to supplying skilled laborers to the employers of the country and that is the reason many immigrants receive the invitation to Canada Permanent Residency Application every year.
To have the utmost benefits of the Federal skilled worker programs designed by the government, you require to go through the application process of Canada PR. You need to pay close attention to every step that you require to take while applying for a Canada PR. A small mistake in the application can lead to rejection and here are some most common mistakes that you need to avoid while applying.


  1. Mistakes While Document Signing: Most of the time, the applicants are found to make common mistakes while signing the documents which are needed to be submitted. Many times, they even miss some of the places where they need to sign mandatorily. It is always better to go through the Canada Permanent residency application form again and again. Some of the pages may require to get signed more than just once.
    Missing one signature in the form where it is mandatory can cost big time to the applicant. The application without duly signed can be returned or rejected. In such cases, the applicants will have to apply for the entire process all over again.
  2. Wrong Fee Payment: There are different ways to apply for the Canada PR. The individuals need to pay various fees according to the program they are going while Canada immigration. The method of making the payment is also different from each other. The immigration offices receive the charges in the local currency where the applicant is applying from. But it is always essential for the candidate to check the exact amount they need to pay after the conversion of the currency.
  3. Miscalculating Points: You already know that applying for the Canada Permanent Residency is a point-based process. The ranks of the individuals are decided based on the score they have achieved. There are specific parameters to count the points. All the applicants must acquire the minimum point required to apply for the permanent residency of Canada. But it can be difficult for individuals to assume the awarded points based on the qualification. Understanding the points can be confusing and complicated. If an individual miscalculates the total point, they require for applying and apply for the PR, it is very likely that the application will be refused and rejected.
  4. Missing Document: There is no chance for an individual to lie about anything while applying for the Canada PR. All information that you share while applying for the PR needed to be backed by supporting documents. Once the individual receives the invitation to apply, they get 60 days for the document submission. It sounds to be a more extended period but which is not real. There are many documents that take the time to get prepared. There are many documents too which need the individual to undergo some tests, like the medical tests and background check. In a hurry, many times the candidates either miss some documents or submit an incomplete set or paper. If you are going to apply through a provincial nominee program know that the certificate of nomination has an expiry date. It is always better for the candidates to know about alternative documents. It is even smarter to keep all the documents ready priorly.
  5. Wrong Photo Dimensions: There are fixed dimensions decided by the IRCC, for the images the applicants need to submit. That is very understandable that the applicants need to follow the same dimensions for their images in Canada Permanent Residency Application. The dimensions of the photos can be different based upon the form they are filling up. Thus, the individuals need to be very sure about the exact dimension beefier they submit the form.
  6. Picking the Wrong Visa Office: It is also essential for individuals to know which Visa office will process all the applications. If you apply to a wrong visa office, the chances are real that the Canada Permanent Residency Application will come back to you after being rejected. You must do your research right to know which visa office is appropriate for you.
  7. Not Providing supplemental forms: It is mentioned nowhere that the applicant needs to submit some additional form in the immigration applicants form. But you need to be sure that all necessary supplemental forms are submitted accurately along with all the other documents you provided for the PR. The Canada Permanent Residency Application form can get rejected if that lacks the supplemental forms which are required.

These are 7 of the most common mistakes that an applicant is very prone to commit while applying for the Canada Permanent residency. There can be more and silly mistakes that can happen during the process. It is always recommended to read all the information shared as the guidelines of the Canada Permanent Residency Application. You can also hire trustworthy and experienced Canada immigration consultants to make your process hassle-free error-free and secure. Errors can cost you processing delay or may even need to reapply.


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