Manitoba is a province located in the middle of Ontario and Saskatchewan, and you may call it to be the gateway to the western Canada. Either you want to visit Manitoba to explore its rich culture, want to work temporarily or want to live there with a permanent residency, the province has all the available options for you. The Canada Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is known by the world and here you will know everything that you need to know about the program if you are dreaming of a Canada PR and don’t want to muss the chance of staying in a beautiful province like Manitoba is.


The Canada Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has been restructured for the skilled and experienced immigrants from across the world, who are a great fit to the stable labour market. The more you will try to know about Manitoba you will find that the province is full of natural resources and it is a major driver of the wealth of Canada. There are many streams under MPNP, and the immigrants may apply through the most suitable stream.


The majority of Canada’s new immigrants are accepted through economic immigration programs. These programs are designed to help those with relevant work experience and/or education to resettle in Canada and contribute to the Canadian economy. There are several different categories of economic immigration programs.

1.) Skilled Worker Stream:

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee program looks for recent graduated businesspeople, workers, and their families, who can move to the province and stay permanently. The Skilled Worker Stream also operate through the Expression of Interest system and the candidates applying for the stream need to answer a few questions to receive the score to apply for the Canada Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. The candidates who score the most are invited to apply for the program. There is no limit for the number of applicants who can submit their Expression of Interest and there is even no deadline to apply for the program.

There are two sub streams under the Skilled Worker Stream and those are:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba:

Applicants who are staying and working temporarily in Manitoba or international graduates who are currently working in Manitoba who have a permanent job offer from a Manitoba employer can apply under this category. Unlike the other pathways of applying for a Canada Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, the Skilled workers in Manitoba category is not a point or grade-based selection process.

Skilled Workers Overseas:

This category is for the foreign applicants who are staying outside of Canada and are willing to apply for a Canada Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to move to get province. This is a point-based selection process and the candidates need to demonstrate their eligibility to move and work in a company in Canada to receive the invitation to apply.

The candidate needs to have previous work experience in a job as per Manitoba Occupation In-Demand List 2020 and need to have some strong connection to show in the province through family or friends.

Here are five eligibility factors and the applicant need to score at least 60 points to receive the invitation to apply for the Manitoba Provincial nominee Program.

Like the Skilled Worker Manitoba category, there are two pathways under the Skilled Workers overseas category for the candidates who are willing to move to Manitoba for their career or lifestyle change.

The first one is the Manitoba Express Entry and the pathway is for the candidates who are eligible for the Manitoba Express Entry and have an Express Entry profile. The candidates also need to have work experience in any of the occupation which is listed under the high demand occupations in Manitoba.

To be able to apply under this pathway the candidates need to have strong family connection in the province.

The other pathway under the category is Human capital Pathway. This pathway also requires the candidates who are willing to apply to have work experience in any job which is listed in the Manitoba in-demand occupation list. The candidates who are applying for the stream do not need to have any strong family connection in Manitoba, but they need to demonstrate their ability to build strong professional connection in the province.

2.) International Education Stream:

The international education stream for the foreign students who have been graduated from a university or college of Manitoba and who meet the needs of the industry. The purpose behind this stream is to fulfill the lack of labor in the market in the quickest possible time. There are there pathways and the applicants can pick one of the three based on which suits them the most.

  • Graduate Internship pathway
  • Student Entrepreneurs Pathway
  • Career employment pathway

3.) Business Investor Stream:

The business investor stream under the Canada Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is designed to replace the current provincial nomination program of the business category. This program allows the entrepreneurs and business investors from around the world, who can start new business in Manitoba or can invest in the existing market.

There are two pathways under the stream and those are:

  • Farm Investor Pathway
  • Entrepreneur pathway

Every stream that leads to the Canada Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has different criteria and requirements and the candidates need to have the knowledge of which suits them the most before applying. Professional Canada PR visa services can help you to pick up the best stream which can get you the PR to the earliest and without much complications.

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What is Permanent Resident?

A Canadian permanent resident is a citizen of another country who has been granted permission to live in Canada as a permanent resident. Once a person has permanent resident status, they have the right to live and work anywhere in the country. Permanent residents receive a significant number of benefits in Canada, including: access to healthcare and social services, the right to live, work, and study anywhere in Canada, and protection under Canadian law. As well, after being a permanent resident for a certain amount of time, permanent residents are eligible to apply to become Canadian citizens! Notably, Canadian permanent residents do not have the right to vote in Canadian elections.

what is a Citizen?

Canadian citizens have many rights and privileges in Canada. Citizens have access to healthcare, social services, support under the law. A citizen can live, work, and study, anywhere in Canada, and has the right to vote in Canadian elections. As well, citizenship cannot be revoked or removed. All people born in Canada automatically qualify for Canadian citizenship. As well, foreign nationals can become naturalized Canadian citizens by going through the proper application process with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Can I work Anywhere in Canada?

Once a person has Canadian permanent resident status, they have the authorization to live and work anywhere in Canada. If a foreign national does not have Canadian permanent resident status, then they must have the proper authorization to work in Canada. Usually, this authorization comes in the form of a Canadian work permit.

How long does it take to immigrate to Canada?

The processing times for Canadian immigration programs vary widely from program to program. Under Canada’s new Express Entry system, some applications for permanent residence are processed in less than 6 months. Meanwhile, other programs may take two years or more to be processed. Once you have determined which program is best suited to your immigration needs, you may confirm the average processing times as indicated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Which immigration program is best for me?

In order to determine which immigration program is best for you, we need to know some information about your personal profile! To find out more, please complete one of our free immigration assessments and we will contact you to discuss your eligibility. These are the four major categories of Canadian immigration:

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