The Highest Paying Jobs In Canada As An Indian Immigrant

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Even in 2020, Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for the Indians who want to immigrate to an abroad country. There is no doubt that every year many Indians want to move and look for some highest paying jobs in Canada to work in. As Canada is very welcoming to the skilled workers, every Indian who is looking for a better opportunity can count on Canada for sure. 

The demand for Canada work Visa is absolutely high and you can also get a Canada PR Visa without actually bagging a job. But don’t you think that getting a job offer before immigrating to the country can be a better decision?

Here Are The Best Highest Paying Jobs In Canada Being An Immigrant From India In 2020:

According to the Canadian government, the average salary of an employee in Canada is around $60,000 a year with average skill and in an average position. The wages of every individual vary based on the organisation you are working in and the position toy are applying for. There are many highest paying jobs in Canada and below are some of those which you can apply even as a fresher.

1.Sales Associate:

Sales are the oxygen for any organization. Without boosting the sales of the company, none can actually plan to grow. The sales representative job opportunities in Canada is thus high, and sales representatives are in demand in most of the Canadian company. Every leading business wants to have skilled and experienced sales associates to work with them.

The people with excellent communication, convincing power and of course the sills of sales can do wonders in the sector. The average salary that you can earn in a Canadian company is $37500 to $85,000 based upon your skills and experience. The salary fo a sales associate is also followed by significant incentive amounts. If you have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or something which is enough for a sales associate job, you can definitely apply for the highest paying jobs in Canada.

2.Computer Programmers:

The IT sector in Canada is really worth to have a mention. After completing your education in computer application or software engineering, if you are looking forward to work in Canada, then you are entirely in the right track. Individuals with skills, expertise and passion in desktop software, mobile applications, and website development are in high demand for front and back end programming in an IT company.

The job of a computer programmer is high paid and the salary range varies depending upon the experience of the employee. You can expect to earn a salary package of $75,000 to $1,15,000 in a Canada based IT company after immigrating from India.

3.Project Manager:

The job of a project manager can be in a different field. Be it marketing, engineering or any other segment of a company, there is always a need for a versatile project manager. The most essential skill that the candidate who is willing to work as a project manager must have is the ability to handle complex projects.

Apart from having experience in the same field, the candidate needs to have the skill of team handling as well. Not only is this one of the highest paying jobs in Canada, but there are many advantages that a project manager gets from the organisation and the job position is also highly in demand. The salary of a project manager can be between $34,450 to $73,427 in a Canada based company.

4.HR Manager:

Most of the Canada immigration policies made by the IRCC are economy-centric. Which means that the Canadian government takes care of the economic growth of the country and thus it tries to fill the requirement of skilled workers in most of the Canadian organisation. Therefore, you know what can be the demand for a good HR manager in every company in Canada.

HR managers play a pivotal role in hiring and recruiting. They also look after the training and development of the newly hired and existing employees if the organization. The HR manager positions are highly in demand in every Canadian company. After completing your education in Business administration or specializing in Human Resource, you can look for the highest paying jobs in Canada.


If you have completed your education in dentistry and are looking for a better opportunity in any abroad country to utilize your skills better and to earn a better salary, then you can count Canada to be an option for you. Every year many Indians with a varied educational background including dentists, apply for a work visa or even Permeant Residency in Canada.

Though while you are working in India, you can operate your own clinic and it can be a bit difficult for you to work as a self-employed from the very beginning while immigrating to a new country. But still, you can get a better opportunity while working with other dentists who are already established in Canada. There are many hospitals where you can apply for a job too. The average salary of a dentist in Canada is $80,738.

How To Get A Job In Canada?

Though we have mentioned the highest paying jobs in Canada. But the first thing that you have to do is to develop your skills to bag any of those above jobs. The first thing that you will need to bag a job is to complete the degree in a course which can help you to get a job in any of the above fields. Canada follows a merit-based selection proves for the Canada PR, but once you have a job offer from an employer based in Canada, you can enter the express entry system and can get a work permit in just two weeks.

If you are looking forward to living in Canada permanently, you can simultaneously look for jobs in Canada while your Permanent Residency process is going on. Once you have a work permit in Canada, you are eligible for working in any part of Canada and with other organizations rather than the one you have applied for or joined earlier. After you get the Canada PR approval, you get 12 months to move to Canada. You can also start your job search process during that period.


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