Things You Need To Remember Before Lodging A Canada PR Application

Things to Remember Before Applying For Canada PR Application

Are you preparing for getting permanent residency in Canada? Either you are going to settle for business purposes, or maybe you got an extraordinary job opportunity some steps of the Canada PR application remain the same. There can be many challenges that you may encounter while applying for the Canada PR. But those challenges can be faced gracefully and you can usefully complete your PR application for Canada by following some guidelines.

Points To Be Remember Before Lodging A Request For A Canada PR Application

Here are some basic things that you need to remember before lodging a request for a Canada PR. 

  1. Identify the program you are eligible for: There are three broad categories under the Canada permanent residence visa program. They are economic, family class and refugees. Some programs are also point-based which means that you need to achieve some defined level of score to be eligible for those programs. Also, there are some programs which are first come first served basis and you need to be quick while applying for those and get an Invitation to Apply. Some of the programs need to have a sponsor, while others do not. Before you lodge a Canada PR application, the first thing that you need to do is proper research. You need to know which program is appropriate for you according to your eligibility. You must also know if you have more than just one opportunity.
  2. Get an expert Advice: The rules and regulations of the Canada PR application are changing every year. Some points can also be hard to understand for individuals. You need to go for expert advice if you think that it can be difficult for you to manage everything all alone. Also, it is challenging for individuals to complete the PR application alone. You can go for trusted and accredited Canadian Immigration consultancy to get answers to all your questions. The consultant will help you to understand the process in detail and will guide you throughout the application process.
  3. Gather all the documents in advance: It is always better to be ready than to hurry and make mistakes. This is very obvious that IRCC will ask for supporting documents when you will apply for Canadian PR. There are many documents that require a longer time to get obtained. Thus, it is always better to keep all the documents ready even before the IRCC asks for them. It will also help you to be safe from unwanted delays. Background check and other activities are very fast in some of the countries where it takes longer in others. Depending upon the situation of the place where you are staying in you can start arranging for all the reference letters that you will probably need during the Canada PR application. 
  4. Follow the Checklist: There is a specific checklist according to particular circumstances and IRCC will provide you with those checklists based on the immigration program that you are going to apply for. It is always better that you follow each item on the list to keep yourself safe from any uninvited situation during the Canada PR application.
  5. Be complete in Your Application: You will not get any opportunity to justify yourself once you have lodged your application for Canada immigration. You have all the time in this world before applying for the Canadian PR Express Entry. IRCC expects to receive all the factual and accurate information about you along with the application. You can’t leave any space which needs to be filled up mandatorily. If there is anything that you think needs to be explained, be prepared with the best possible explanation and IRCC may be open for that explanation afterward. You may go for an explanation in the cases where you could not manage to submit documents as required.
  6. Keep track of the expiry dates: Before you apply for the PR for Canada and even before you start filling up the Canada PR application form, be sure that you have checked with the expiry dates of the documents that you will require during the process. The documents which may have standard expiry dates are your passport, police background check report, study or work permit, the results of the language tests, medical assessment report, invitation to apply. Your application is not complete and cannot be processed forward once you are submitting an already expired document.
  7. Don’t leave gaps in time: It is undeniable that IRCC will like to know here were you to date. If you have visited some other places then what was the reason behind that. You may also need to provide a detailed study or employment history. The gaps in time are easily noticeable and you may be asked several questions to justify the difference. Make sure that you leave no gap in the Canada PR application and you try to manage all the gaps if there are any. This may be challenging but you need to manage to do so. You may check your emails and passport stamps if you are not sure about the time. 
  8. Never lie while applying: Your whereabouts in the last 10 years and maybe the reason behind your interest to have a PR in Canada- everything can be questioned during the application. You can hire the most trusted visa immigration consultant and prepare yourself with the truth and not with something which is a sheer lie. If you get caught, it will diminish your credibility of getting a PR. Providing false information during the application process may even ban you from the pool of applicants. Provide accurate and correct information uniformly in every place of the Canada PR application.
  9. Keep the copies of all the documents: Taken from the form that you need to fill up to every document like the Background check certificate and the medical assessment result, you need to have copies of all the documents. Either the records are electronic or are in physical form, it is always safe to keep a copy of the entire set of documents. You can also save the photocopies of the document that you are going to submit along with your Canada PR application form. You can also choose to scan all the documents thoroughly and keep them safe in your email.


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