Is The IELTS Score Helpful For The Express Entry For Canada Immigration?

How IELTS Helpful For Express Entry For Canada Immigration

Express Entry for Canada Immigration is an application management program, under the express entry program, families and individual from across the world can immigrate to Canada in just a few months. There is a unique selection system for the Express Entry Immigration. Being introduced back in 2015, this system has become one of the most popular immigration systems globally for its ultra-fast procedures.

The Express Entry system is generally used by the immigrants, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and refugees to manage the application process. This application management system program is basically for skilled workers who want to become a citizen of Canada.

The Express Entry for Canada Immigration is generally more competitive than other regular programs, and the ranking of all the applicants are compared. Only the best rank holders can apply for the permanent resident status for Canada. Academic Background, age, language proficiency, and work experience are some of the many other factors for the ranking.

How Express Entry For Canada Immigration Works?

Well, you must know that how the process actually works and how the families and the individuals applying for Canadian citizenship actually get to settle in Canada.

Here is a step by step guide to help you understand the Express Entry Program better.

  1. Determining Eligibility: There are three federal economic immigration programs and each individual needs to be eligible under any of the three. They are The Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Class, The Federal Skilled Worker Class, The Canadian Experience Class. A provincial nominee program is also aligned with the Express Entry for Canada Immigration. The eligibility requirements vary in each of the programs, but every individual needs to have at least one year of working experience and also need to have the required level of language proficiency in English and French. All the applicants must not have any criminal history or medical issues.
  2. Creating the Profile: All the eligible candidates need to submit their profile to the pool of candidates. Every individual receives a score as compared to their profile, and the score helps the candidate to get their own rank in the pool of the candidates. There is a total of 1200 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System, and there are many steps the candidates can take to improve their rank on the CRS. The candidates can take the help of Canada Immigration Consultant for the step. The higher is the score of the CRS, the more opportunity is there for the candidate to receive the Invitation to Apply. Valid job offers add an extra point to the score of the candidate which eventually helps in the improvement of the rank.
  3. Creating Job Bank Profile: The candidates who don’t have any valid job offer can register in the Canada Job Bank. This is a free resource for the public to help Canadian employers to find potent and efficient candidates who are having relevant skills as per their requirements.
  4. Receiving the Invitation to Apply: Express Entry Draws are done frequently by the IRCC. The eligible candidates with higher ranks are invited to apply for the citizenship of Canada. If the candidate is not asked within 12 months, the application gets expired automatically.
  5. Submitting the Application: Once the candidate receives the Invitation to apply, they are also given a time of 60 days to submit a complete application for the Canadian permanent residency. The candidates need to provide all the personal information along with the supporting documents. The process is done electronically.

What Is The Roadmap To The Express Entry For Canada Immigration Profile Creation?

Well, let us talk about the first thing first. Receiving the Invitation to Apply and submitting the application is far away. The first thing the candidates need to do is follow a mandatory roadmap and get a better score to get a better rank. The applicants will need three documents in the very initial stage and those are:

  • Language Test
  • Passport
  • Educational Credentials

Does IELTS Help In The Express Entry?

When we talk about the language test and the score based on the language tests, we are bound to talk about the IELTS requirements for Canada immigration. The International English language Testing System is the most popular test for language proficiency in English. The score of the test lies between 0 to 9, and the applicants need to achieve the score according to the requirement of the Express Entry Guidelines.

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the measures of the IELTS exam and every individual need to undergo all, the four steps, and the score is decided based on the examination.

The candidate needs to take the test with an agency that is approved by IRCC by paying the required cost. While creating the Express Entry profile, the candidate needs to fill in the IELTS score along with the personal information and when it is asked for.

The candidate also needs to include the result of the language test when they are invited to apply. Without the test result, the application is not processed further.

There are only two tests for the English language which are considered by the Express Entry for Canada immigration Program, and IELTS is one of them. Where the score of the candidate is based on the academic profile and the language test result, it is self-evident that the IELTS score plays a pivotal role in improving the score followed by the rank.

It is always better if the candidate can achieve a CRS point of 32 or 34 from the language proficiency and for that the candidate needs to accomplish an IELTS score of CLB 10.

The candidates can appear for the IELTS examination in two ways: Paper-based test and computer-based test. The result of the paper-based test gets announced in 13 days from the test and it takes 5 to 7 days for the result of the computer-based IELTS examination

The Express Entry Program is faster and better and is helpful for individuals who want to improve their career and earn money in Canada. In more than 80% cases the Express Entry helps the individuals to get the PR withing 6 to 8 months from the date when the application is received.


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