Know About The Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

Choosing a career path is essential as well as crucial. Our lifestyle, dream and almost everything depends upon the job that we do. Though no role is lesser than the other, every individual has its own choice of a job. It’s not always about money, but when you are immigrating to Canada, you are definitely looking for a better opportunity as compared to what you have right now and of course the highest paying jobs in Canada. 

If you are immigrating to Canada and are looking for the best paying jobs in Canada, here we have listed some of them, have a look!


  1. Software Engineers: Do you know some or many of your friends who have gone for Canada immigration after completing their education in software engineering? It is because not only the tech workers need a well-paid job but also the tech companies in Canada are in demand of skilled tech workers. There is no doubt that every industry relies on computer programs nowadays. Thus, someone who is capable of designing average software can make more than $90,000 in Canada. All you need to have is some developed skills that can make your resume look good.
  2. Account Managers: We think that we don’t need to talk about the importance of accounts in any business. If you have a commerce background or maybe you have years of experience in handling the business accounts, you are capable of having the highest paying job in Canada. The average salary of an account manager in Canada is $85,000 and it increases with the time and efficiency of the employee. Also, if you are an individual with a Canada PR and a degree in business administration, you can simply apply for an account manager job soon after landing in Canada.
  3. Health Care Manager: If you try to know about the culture of Canada, you will find that the government pays extra attention to the healthcare of the individuals in the country. In the hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other health environments there is a considerable need of healthcare professionals and the average salary of a healthcare professional in Canada is somewhere around $95,000, which makes this one of the highest paying jobs in Canada. The pay may vary according to the position you are holding.
  4. Human Resource Manager: Canada is an economically developed country with many high salary jobs in Canada. If the Canadian government has introduced visa programs based on the requirement of skilled workers for Canadian employers, then you can make a precise guess of how is the rate of recruitment in the country. If you have a bachelor degree in business administration and related fields which can lead you to get you a job in human resource, then you can get significantly benefited with the highest salary in Canada. The average salary of a human resource manager in the country is $94,000. The job responsibility of the human resource manager will be training, recruitments, taking care of pays and benefits, bargaining with administration and unions, etc.
  5. University Professor: Canada is a country that takes care of the economy and the education of the residents of the country hand in hand. The government already has many schemes for the kids and the students, which helps them to get free education in the country and even some level of subsidies. The average salary of a professor working in a Canadian university is $100,500 and there are many unexpected benefits too which come up apart from just the salary. The children of the employees also get free education in many universities and you may typically need to have a Ph.D. degree to be able to become a professor; one of the highest paying jobs in Canada. 
  6. Chartered Accountant: As long as there are businesses, they require paying taxes isn’t it? Thus, the demand for good chartered accountants is always high in the country. Apart from being one of the top-paying jobs in Canada, the chartered accountants can also earn the bonus and some level of profit-sharing of the total amount earned by the client or the employer. The basic average salary of a charted accountant in the country in more than $65,000. The individual needs to complete the level of education required to achieve the highest salary in Canada as a chartered accountant like CPA, or CPA PEP. 
  7. Business Analyst: Canada is a country with an extreme growth mentality, and the culture of business analysis is entirely in. The average pay of a business analyst in Canada is $72,350. The job role of a business analyst in a Canadian company is to find out the best ways to operate the business and earn more profits. The job needs both the employee needs to have an understanding of the market and also some technical knowledge. If you have a degree in business administration, you can simply apply for the entry-level job positions in the highest paying jobs in Canada as a business analyst.
  8. Aerospace Engineer: The job position of an aerospace engineer is always in demand in Canada. Every time an aerospace engineer retires the position remains open for others. The average salary of an aerospace engineer in Canada is $122,000, and the requirement of a qualified aerospace engineer will always be there. The demand as compared to the salary offered to an aerospace engineer is proof that this is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada that you can apply for. Needless to say, you need to have adequate knowledge and education in the same field. 
  9. Locomotive Engineers: If you have always been fascinated with trains and locomotive tools, here is an extraordinary and most paid jobs in Canada. The locomotive engineers in Canada operate the trains which help the transporting of freights and passengers. The average salary of a locomotive engineer in Canada is $82,000 and it is predicted to be one of the brightest futures for people who are coming to stay in Canada and looking for a job. The job doesn’t need any high-profile formal education but the experience as a train conductor is required along with some diploma education.


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