Is the Global Talent Stream Program right for your Canada Visa Application?

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Once upon a time people from various background especially engineering, science or from technology would apply for job opportunities in the United States for fulfilling their migration dreams. From the past few years, Canada is the first choice of people planning to build their career as well as look for educational opportunities in these sectors. Filling the Canada visa application is the first and foremost step to plan for Canada Immigration.

Out of Canada’s various visa programs, the Global Talent Stream Program (GTS) works for benefitting people with the skilled employment. The GTS allows various skilled workers for obtaining the work permit in two weeks after applying.

The Global Talent Stream Program is an important part of the Global Skill strategy of Canada that aims in helping the innovative companies to grow thereby ensuring that they can also access highly skilled talent as soon as possible.

Canada has been looking to make the GTS program a permanent option that works to the advantage of the aspiring Indians which also includes the ones based in United States to cash in on an emerging opportunity within country.

Canada Visa Application And The Global Talent Stream Program

The Global Talent Stream program seems to be a great migration visa alternative for all those currently working on science, technology, engineering or the field of mathematics (STEM) in Canada. In two weeks’ time, it allows the sponsors to have their applications processed. In addition they gain practical experience in Canada to apply for permanent residency via Canada visa application on the Express Entry route for the aspirants recruited underneath the GTS route.

Eligibility Criteria For The GTS Program

For The Employers

As a Global Talent Stream employer, you have to abide with the Global Talent Stream Program requirements. You also have to comply with the terms and conditions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for the employment of the temporary foreign workers.

Refer to Global Talent Flow for information on the two categories.

  • Category A

Category A is used by the employers in this category as Global Talent Stream by the designated referral partner. Competitive companies which are capable of demonstrating that they must recruit unique, specialist abroad talent.

  • Category B

Category B is intended for the employers those who wish to employ specific skilled and professional employees for occupations that have been defined to have been on demand and where the domestic supply of labor is insufficient. This list should be periodically revised to satisfy labor market criteria.

For The Employees

If an individual has been referred by one of the named partners of the stream to the Global Talent Stream. It has specific specialization talent, they can qualify for Category A of the Global Talent Stream. In addition, if an individual seeks the hiring of highly qualified foreign workers for Jobs in Canada on Global Talent Occupation List, which can become eligible for GTS category B. The referral isn’t compulsory for Category B.

Eligibility Requirements For Global Talent Stream

To make the most of the two-week processing of this work permit, applicants have to:

  • Submit the completed application.
  • During the Canada visa application process, you need to identify yourself to GTS in a “Come to Canada” wizard.
  • Legally translate and also present your certificate of diploma and marriage (if married).
  • Present medical tests in advance, in accordance with the law and the regulations, where required.
  • Get the reference letter from your employer
  • Upon request, submit the biometric fees (where the Regulations require them)
  • Get biometrics from time of submission until the two weeks have elapsed.
  • An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will not be required additionally for the foreign worker. It shall, where applicable, be issued automatically as part of the application process.
  • A visa is required for a foreign worker (where required under the Rules). It’s issued as a part of process for a work permit.

Applicants who do not fulfill the criteria set out above will not have provided the information necessary to enable IRCC officers to conclude the decision on the application within a period of two weeks.

After The Canada Visa Application For GTS Program

A team of dedicated at the Employment and Social Development Canada will deliver simplified customer-centric service to all employers of the Global Talent Stream after the application process. The employers applying for the GTS program should expect:

  • Ease your application with a 10 day service schedule the beginning on the day after you receive the application from the Jobs and Social Development Canada, Global Talent Stream application. Quick processing 80 percent of the time this service standard is expected to be met;
  • Personalized and high-touch support during the evaluation process;
  • Eligibility in two weeks of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for highly skilled global talent staff to get their work permits approved. Approximately eighty percent of the time is projected to meet this service standard.

At People Immigration, we do help the people from the tech sector to understand the essential of GTS program. Our devoted team would surely ensure that you get the best services from the experts at our Canada Immigration Consultancy for fulfilling all your immigration dreams.


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