What Is The Process For Canada Student Visa For Indian Students?

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Are you planning to study in Canada? If yes then having a Canada student visa is a must.  The Canadian Government provides a plethora of opportunities for students from India who are looking for Canada Immigration. As a prerequisite, you must have Canada Student Visa as well as a study permit.

Many Indian students have been fascinated steadily by Canada. Validation of a visa for Canada Immigration is granted through a permit for research, although it still includes excellent academic achievement in the leading Canadian universities. If you want to undertake any technical or professional training at a school, university, or the other educational institute throughout Canada, you need a Canada Student Visa to study before you enter Canada. 

Canada does have a long impact on international immigrants and it is indeed one of the world-famous countries among international students. There are currently 245,895 foreign students moving every year with Canada Student Visa application for pursuing higher studies in Canada. It is a great pleasure to study in Canada and it’s one of the best countries to live with no hassle for foreign students.

What Is The Study Permit In Canada?

That is a Canadian Citizen and Immigration (CIC) card, which requires students to study across Canada. This certification or credential is issued in Canada. If you hold a study license, you must remain inscribed and progress fairly and quickly to complete your class.

For entry into Canada together with your Canada Student Visa, you often need a temporary visa for residence. At People Immigration, we assist you in understanding the Canada student visa process along with the Canada student visa process tips. 

Documents Required For Canada Student Visa

You should meet the below criteria in order to be eligible for the Canada Immigration:

  • Letter of acceptance from the school 
  • Your valid passport or any document for your travel

You have to be:

  • You must show that you have enough money to pay tuition fees for your studies.
  • You and any family members who come to Canada with you will live with you and
  • You must also be a citizen without a criminal record and not be dangerous to the security of Canada (you may have to seek a police certificate) to appear in the Canadian embassy or consulate for a private interview.
  • Showing that you and your family members will receive financial assistance.

The following may also be requested:

  • A message on your behalf of a Canadian bank account when money is transferred to Canada
  • Student/education loan documents issued by a financial institution
  • Bank declarations
  • Foreign currency draft of the bank
  • Tuition/accommodation payment proof
  • A letter from the financial provider or institution

The Canada Student Visa Process From India – Fees And Other Requirements

  • The applicants belonging to Europe, the Middle East, or Africa must also submit their biometrics which includes fingerprint along with a photograph for the Canada student visa. 
  • The applicants could also be requested for medical examination and police verification before they submit their application. If the applicant holds any previous criminal record then they would be rejected for the Canadian student visa if they fail to submit the police clearance certificate as evidence.
  • The applicant is required to submit their valid passport which allows them to return back to their country after the completion of their studies. The applicants need to submit two passport size photographs along with their name and date of birth on the back.
  • The requirements for Canadian student visas also include proof of funding funds. It’s now considered CA$ 10,000 (~US$ 7,650) for every one of your years of study in Québec CA$ 11,000 (~US$ 8,400), plus tuition fees. Additionally, you have to ensure that you have ample money to pay for transport back home.

If you already have money to pay for the Canada Studies Visa Fees, proof of the money transfer on behalf of the Canadian account, evidence of payment on the tuition or lodging fees, proofs of draft of a banking convertible currency, letter from an organization which gives you funds or proof of financing paid must be provided by the following documents.

Canada Study Visa Eligibility Through Student Direct Stream

Canada recently launched the Student Direct Stream, which students from China, India, However, language standards are tighter – you have to at least score 6 in the IELTS, or 7 in French Competence Linguistics, or a high school diploma from Canada, but the basic license is the same. You have to score at least 6. If you do not meet the criteria of the Student Direct Stream but meet the standard study permit requirements, your application will be checked for a regular study permit alternative and the student will not be processed quicker.

Depending on the length of the planned course and the country of citizenship the conditions for a student visa differ. If the course of study, for example, is less than six months, the documents necessary to allow one to study in Canada are largely related to demonstrating the course length. Similarly, people with country passports that do not need visitor visas to Canada also require fewer or different documents to support their studies in Canada.

Final Thoughts

To know more about the Canada Student Visa Process from India, you can contact People Immigration being the best Canada Immigration Consultancy. The experts at People Immigration would assist you with all your documentation. We even guide the person about how to begin your life in Canada, in solving all your queries and planning your career.


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