Things You Should Know After Moving With A Canada PR Visa

Canada PR Visa

Canada is one of the most open lands for those who are willing to land in some other country for better opportunities. Either you are looking for a better job, a better lifestyle or both, Canada has everything in the store for you. Canada PR Visa is the ticket to your dream of immigrating to an abroad country. As soon as you land in Canada, there are some basic things that you should know as a Canada PR

Why Immigration to Canada is the right decision?

Canada usually has the position of the top in the list of the most preferred countries for immigration. The benefits that Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has to provide to the immigrants are the motivation behind the immigration rate in Canada. As per a report by Investopedia Canada is in the 10th position of the largest economies of the world. 

The nominal GDP of Canada is $1.71 trillion, which is expected to grow to $2.13 trillion by 2023. Nothing is surprising if many people from across the world are moving to Canada. 

The Canadian government has created many institutions to help the immigrants coming from different countries to have a smooth experience of Canada immigration. One more thing which is very interesting in Canada is. Also, one of the reasons for which many other people want to stay in Canada is that, once you have a Canada Permanent Resident Visa, you certainly can apply for the health insurance system and get all the privileges. 

Canada is the country with the highest immigration rate for many other good reasons. 

Are You Eligible for Canada PR Visa?

There are several categories of immigration to Canada. Before you apply for a permanent residency visa, you must know all of them and need to pick the one which suits you the most. If you want to know what makes you eligible for the Canada immigration visa, then here are some points you need to go through:

  1. Your family members stay in Canada (Family Sponsorship Program)
  2. A Canadian Employer has given you a job offer (Express Entry Program)
  3. You want to start a new business in Canada (Start-Up Visa)
  4. You are self-employed and are ware of the cultural, agricultural and sports sectors (Self-employed program)

What are the factors you need to remember after landing in Canada?

There are some fundamental rules and regulations, and maybe you need to abide by all of them as soon as your immigration to Canada from India or any other country. There can be two levels of screening that you need to pass through: Provincial and Federal.

It is so always better to stay updated about things rather than being completely surprised. We want to keep yourself updated regarding some of the factors that you need to remember while immigrating to Canada. They are:

Your spouse can work:

With a Canada PR visa, you are legally eligible to work in any part of the country. With a permanent residency in Canada, you are not bound to stay and work with the same employer. Not only this, if you are entering the country with a permanent resident, but your spouse is also eligible to apply for any job in the country. Your spouse doesn’t need to have a work visa or don’t even need to nag an appointment before going to the country. 

Universal Healthcare and social benefits:

If you get the Canada immigration visa, you and your family will be counted as the asset of the country and your family will get the benefits related to healthcare and the education of your children like other residents of Canada. All the residents of Canada have access to universal healthcare and social services and for having a Canada PR Visa, you will also have the same.

You can become a Canadian Citizen:

The first thing that you need to understand that even though you have a permanent residency in Canada, you are still not a citizen of the country. But the good news is that you can be. Having a Canada PR visa is the first step that you can take to become a citizen of the country. Once you reside in Canada for three years out of five years, you become eligible to become a citizen of Canada.

Your PR Card is an important document:

The PR card that you get as a proof that you can reside in the country legally. You need to keep the card safe, and you must not replace that. Though you can get another PR card once you lost that, but it is always better to ignore long and complicated processes when you can take care of your essential documents.

It can be taken away from you:

Canada is such a country that is very much dedicated to its economic growth. The reason behind Canada is very welcoming to the immigrants is that the government wants to help the employers of the country to fill the dodge of skilled workers’ requirements. IRCC has many programs for the immigrants so that you can quickly get the Canada PR visa and can contribute towards the economy of the country. But you need to follow specific rules and also need to keep yourself away for any criminal act to keep your Canada PR visa safe. Remember that the PR status can be revoked at any time if you indulge in any such event.

Though the Canada immigration process can be a little lengthy, it also depends upon the program that you pick up for yourself. If you have all the documents as per the requirement of IRCC and you are also eligible to immigrate to Canada, you can have a different experience and your Canada PR visa can arrive in the shortest interval. It is always better to know about the legalities and the rules and regulations before or soon after going to the country. While you keep yourself updated about the laws and the alteration in those laws, you can ignore many such incidents that can hamper your PR status in Canada.


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