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Are you looking to get Canada Permanent residence? Confused about how to apply for the Canadian permanent residency? You don’t have to worry anymore as you have hit the right place. After successful completion of studies, many students plan to move to Canada permanently. Thankfully, there are lots of pathways available for international students who want to change to a Canadian Permanent Residence.

In Canada, one can apply for a temporary as well as Canada Permanent Residence. It’s known as dual intent. Dual intent indeed allows students to apply for permanent residency in Canada. It along with securing the temporary study permit of the students.

The provinces of Canada want foreign students and the graduates to remain like the federal government of Canada. If Express Entry isn’t just an option for oneself either now or in the near future or if in the draws of Express Entry you are struggling for meeting the CRS cutoff thresholds. Then considering Provincial Nomination Programs is the best option.

Immigration Programs For Canada Permanent Residence

There are lots of immigration programs that offer Canada permanent residence for students after the completion of their degree. Read on to find out which are they:

The Canada Experience Class

Under this program, foreign students who have completed full-time studies in a particular course with at least 2 years of age at a certified post-secondary school can qualify. The international student must have completed and graduated from the program on a Canadian campus. Therefore, the applicant must have served in a full-time, professional job for at least 12 months. After graduation from the program of study, job experience must have been obtained. In this unpaid internships or joint research cannot be included.

The Quebec Experience Class

The international students have completed their CEGEP, medical, bachelor, or Master / Ph.D. degree in Quebec. Then they are eligible to apply for Canadian PR without any work experience under this program.

The Provincial Nomination Program

Provinces such as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia also have international programs for post-secondary students. Many of these programs require the job offer or work experience in the province in which the degree is earned. The benefit of all these programs is that the applicants can obtain a permanent residency in Canada more quickly than in other programs.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) may also be a choice for certain foreign student graduates. It is run by the Express Entry for Canada Immigration Program. Unlike the CEC, FSW needs no individual with job experience in Canada. So this is an excellent choice for foreign students who have already obtained a professional experience abroad. This is a nice alternative.

The FSW program is a merit-based immigration program that automatically ranks candidates against each other. It is through a point-based Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which invites only candidates with the highest competitive profiles for a permanent residency. When the eligibility requirements for a foreign student are met. FSW may be an ideal way for a permanent resident because it is highly competitive within the CRS scoring system.

The FSW scheme, however, allows candidates to show that they have at least twelve months of full-time, continuous, technical job experience in either country or a sum of a part-time experience equivalent. This program will not be a choice for foreign students who have never served.

Importance Of IELTS For Studying In Canda

You must be skilled in English or French for studying in Canada. The post-secondary schools in Canada do set their own terms and conditions for testing the language skills of foreign students. The requirements for language skills vary from school to school. You will analyze the unique criteria of your program during the preparation of your application. Some schools even require you to finish English after your studies have begun.

Any foreign student should not show their language skills. You may not have to take the IELTS if you are from an English speaking country or have studied in English.

Process To Get Permanent Residency In Canada

One can find lots of immigration programs in Canada under which you can apply to become the permanent resident in Canada. Upon the request, acceptance, and obtaining a permanent resident visa for Canada by the foreign national, they are able to move to Canada and enjoy many of the same rights as Canadian residents. 

Canada permanent residents are entitled to an education, to live and work in any Canadian province. And to benefit under the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. After these conditions have been met, to qualify for Canadian citizenship. The difference between the Canada PR and the Canadian citizen is their right of having a government job. Also having the right to join the military or having a voting card.

A permanent residency in Canada is a right to be revoked. If a person is convicted of a serious violation and is deported as a result.

The absence of the duty to stay is also a way for a permanent resident of Canada to lose his status. A permanent resident of Canada shall spend two years in Canada each five years. If an officer is concerned at a port of entry or at a Canadian visa office that a resident of Canada has not fulfilled his or her obligatory residency. Then he or she may count five years to check that the permanent resident of Canada has stayed in Canada for at least 730 days.

Obligations For Canada PR

The Canada PR should have spent around 730 days. It should be since the last 5 years fulfilling any one of the below residency obligations:

  • Immigrants and residents in Canada;
  • Business abroad of their partner in Canada;
  • Employed in a Canadian company abroad;

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