Canada Immigration Increases Two-Fold from India In The Last Three Years

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Do you have any plans for Canada Immigration? If yes, then you have made the right decision. The total number of Indians moving to Canada has been doubled in the last three years from 2016 to 2019. The Indians have successfully achieved their goal of having a Canada Resident Permit visa.

In the year 2016, around 39,705 Indians have become the Canadian permanent residents of Canada with Canada Permanent Residence. On the contrary, around 80,685 Indians moved to Canada from January to November 2019 i.e. a massive rise of 105 percent in the month of December.

What Does Research Say About Canada Immigration?

The data are based on an analysis of the data released by Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada by the National Foundation of American Policy. This rise has been due to the increasingly restrictive immigration policies that are being introduced in the U.S. and that have led Indians to select Canada as their first choice, through their liberal and merit-based Canada immigration routes, such as the Canada Express Entry.

Another reason is the increase in the number of Indian students moving to Canada to learn in reputable institutions in the country. In 2016, 76,075 Indian students joined Canada, but the number was 127% – rising to 172,625% in 2018. This figure grew. Many of these students apply for a visa to live in Canada, which enables them to prolong their stay and opens a path to continue living and work in Canada after their studies.

The denials of visas for the H-1B – which is one of the most popular paths for Indian tech workers seeking short-term immigration to the USA. Also increased from 6 percent in the fiscal year 2015 (October-September) to 24 percent during the first three quarters of fiscal 2019, based on data from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. On the other hand, there is an urgent demand for technology workers and engineers in several provinces and territories in Canada.

Indians Are More Serious About Immigration To Canada

Indian technology workers are more serious than temporary residency in the USA when they consider the Canada PR Visa as a worthwhile alternative. Continuing employment denials in the United States have also increased from 3% in FY 2015 to 12% in 2019.

Green Card applications may extend waiting periods to Indians for up to 150 years. International students have also been limited. This has created for the applicants an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Owing to the high likelihood of visa approval in the form of a refreshingly creative immigration route in Canada such as regional nominee programs, Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP), globally-talented line, rural and northern Immigration pilots, etc., the United States northern Neighbor has become a far more open immigration destination. The trend will continue until its immigration system is relaxed and the application backlog is addressed by the USA.

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