Where To Proclaim Canada Immigration Fraud If You Are Not In Canada?

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Canada is among the immigrants’ most welcoming countries. As announced by the Canadian government on March 12 under the 2020-2022 immigration rates program, in 2020 Canada expects to accept 341,000 immigrants. As the number of immigrants heading towards Canada increases, the number of unsuspecting immigrants who fall prey to Canada immigration fraud increases correspondingly.

The Government of Canada has published a number of advisories in this regard on its official website. Another such advice concerns how Canada Immigration fraud can be reported. Canadian immigration authorities work actively together to counter Canada Immigration scam, which is continuously changing, and to respond to measures to battle it, together with their allies, the Canadian Border Services Agency, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, recognizes that while most visitors to the country are arriving in the right way and in good faith, a wide range of criminals attempt to take advantage of the candidates those are not aware  of danger. When you are considering immigration into Canada or applying for a Canadian visa, you need to consider the below important issues:

  • Nobody can promise that you will get special attention from your application;
  • No one can guarantee the acceptance of your application;
  • If you always confirm and ensure that you have good standing and that you are authorized to do business with the Canadian Government, it is not necessary to employ a representative or consultant;
  • Stay alert-most probably if it appears to be too good to be true

Whom To Contact To Report The Canada Immigration Fraud?

The Canadian Government provides suggestions of contacting the CBSA i.e. the Canada Border Services Agency [1-888-502-9060]. It is possible to use the free service to report suspicious activity at the border and to marry conveniently.

The toll-free number may also be reported to any individual who has provided false information on any immigration application. The CBSA can also be notified of people who wish to receive an immigration warrant. Be mindful that your identity will be secured when you call the tip line. The line is safe and private.

Various scams and immigration frauds perpetrated via telephone, internet or emails are one of the most common scams against newcomers in Canada. Do not give anybody financial information via email, phone or internet. However, if you or someone you know has provided such information erroneously and is in Canada, please call 1-888-495-8501 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at no cost.

As per the Canadian Government’s advisory, you will hang up immediately and notify local police if you receive a suspicious call that you believe might be a scam. You should also warn the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre of the telephone scam. You must report the immigration scam to the local police if you are outside Canada and receive a telephone call that you believe to be part of a Canada citizenship scam.

How One Can Report Canada Immigration Fraud?

You are required to call the Border service agency in Canada on 1-888-502-9060 for reporting the scam.

  • any suspicious activity on the border
  • the person giving wrong information about any immigration application
  • any person who is wanted on the immigration warrant

Check Whether The Immigration Representative Is Authorized

For somebody to represent you with regard to the visa application, one of the preceding points should be agreed:

  • Consultants on citizenship or immigration must be the member of the Canadian Regulatory Council of the Immigration Consultants.
  • Lawyers or notaries are required to be members of a Canadian law society in the provinces or territories.
  • Paralegals shall be members of the law society of Upper Canada in good standing

If it is not evident and clear that either of these professionals with their respective governing bodies is not in good standing you should not use their services. To make sure their credentials and authority are still correct, please check such regulatory bodies’ online portals.

Do Not Respond To Any Threats

If someone contacts you with the risk of arrest, prosecution, assault, or kidnapping, claiming to be the immigration officer, lawyer, or consultant then it’s a big scam. In fact, if it attempts to avoid the denial or suspension of your application without further payment, it is a scam. An immigration officer, lawyer, or authorized representative could never threaten or act like you.

Overall, IRCC does not contact you in person, online, or over the phone to collect payments or fines to prevent deportation or other consequences.

Phishing attacks come by way of telephone calls or e-mails. The person can even provide a name and an agent number in a phone call that appears legitimate, but confirm their details before giving any personal information. Care must be taken of unsolicited e-mails requesting personal data to continue the process of your application. Unless the IRCC or your trusted partner interacts directly, do not go further.

Final Thoughts

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