What To Know About Canada Immigration Consultants Before Hiring One?

Things to ask the Canada Immigration Consultants

Canada is one of those countries where the rates of immigration are high in the world. Every year many Indians apply for Canada immigration with the help of Canada Immigration Consultants either to work in some Canadian company, to set their business or even for studying abroad. There are abundant opportunities in the country for anyone to start a new life. The economy of the country is so strong that everyone can have their standard of living there. Thus, Canada has become one of the most favorite destinations for immigrants. 

Every year IRCC receives a huge number of applications from the immigrants who want to have Canada PR. Many people choose to apply on their own. This means that they go through all the required steps to apply for the PR alone through the government registered website. The others seek help from the Canada immigration consultants. If you want to make your process more stress-free and in time, it is always better to go for a consultancy. You always must look for one such consultancy who has years of experience in the same field and who is also trustworthy at the same time. 


There are many questions that you may ask the Canadian immigration agent before hiring them. You can even make your own questionnaire. But here are things that you must ask mandatorily to your Canada immigration consultant.

  1. Are they registered: I think that is the first thing that you must know about the consultant while hiring them. Canada has its own licensing system for the immigration and visa consultants and the agents to avoid the number of immigration fraud cases. It is not that without the registration the consultants cannot work independently. But when you go for a not registered consultancy, the risk of getting conned is higher. Check if the consultant you are going for is accredited by ICCRC.
  2. Accessibility of Communication:  The process of applying for the Canada PR application and getting the PR in your hand is a long haul and it is not a matter of just a few days. In the meanwhile, you will necessarily need to talk to your immigration consultant many times. When you are paying someone to get help on something, they must be accessible to you to communicate whenever you need them. If you manage to keep away any communication gap between you and the immigration consultant it will be easy for you to stay updated about the application status. If any consultancy is making reasons to communicate frequently, probably they are not the right consultancy for you.
  3. Know their success stories: There is no doubt that the more you come to know about the success stories of a Canada Immigration consultancy, it is easier for you to trust them. Good Canada immigration consultants will display the positive feedback they have gained through their services. You can also ask the consultancy directly about their success stories if you want to know more about them. It is better to know how trustworthy the consultancy is before going for your Canada PR application.
  4. Ask about their job assistance program: Not everyone is applying for the PR of Canada with a job in the country in their hand. If you want to hire a consultancy and want them to help you through your job search in the country you can go directly and ask them about it. Many Canada immigration consultants promise to help the applicants to find a job in Canada. Thus, there is nothing to hesitate. Every good consultancy will have their associates in the destination country. But before you trust them completely it is better to know as much as you can and to verify all the information that they give to you.
  5. Ask about Post Landing Services: Once you have your Canada PR visa in hand, many consultancies will offer you post landing services. The post landing services are like the pickup from the airport once you reach the country, assistance to find your accommodation, job, etc. You can always ask the Canada immigration consultants about the post landing services. They can at least help you to get connected with the people who can avail post landing services in Canada. You can also check the reviews they have online about the same.
  6. Ask what is special with them: There is no doubt that you need to choose one consultancy from the pool of many consultancies who are working in the market. You will definitely choose the best one. But you must know what sets them apart from the rest of the service providers. You can go through the profiles of many Canada immigration consultants and find out what they have to offer. If you have shortlisted a few of them you can ask them about what they have to offer you which can help them to stand out in the crowd of other many consultants.
  7. Ask about the documentation: You will definitely need to submit many documents throughout the process of the PR application. The first part is to get your Visa documentation right. Ask the agency if they help you through the process of documentation too and how will they be able to help. You can always go for such consultancies who have dedicated officers and who can help you step by step to submit all the required application for your Canada PR.
  8. Ask for reference: There is nothing wrong if you prefer to ask for any reference from the consultancy. The reference is all about their previous clients. Good Canada Immigration consultants will never deny for providing with any reference if needed. The consultancy can connect you with the previous clients and you can get honest feedback from them before hiring the consultancy. That is also the way to check how genuine the consultancy actually is.

These questions will help you to realize if the consultancy you are thinking of hiring is good for you. You can ask many more questions that are not on the list. But be sure that you try and get such a Canada immigration consultant which can help you to make your process hassle-free and timely.


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