5 Things To Know Before You Hire A Canada Immigration Consultancy

Things To Take Care of Before Hiring A Canada Immigration Consultancy

If you are seeking for a permanent residency in Canada, then you are probably being prepared for all the required steps to apply for the same. It can either be study purpose or maybe you are looking forward to enhancing your career by working abroad. But whatever it may, it is quite difficult for individuals to manage all the required steps alone, without seeking the guidance of Canada Immigration Consultancy, to achieve the PR when you are entirely unknown to all the facts and information about the same. 

In such a case hiring a Canada Immigration Consultancy is a smarter and better option to choose. Needless to stay that when someone tries to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa alone, there are certain levels of anxiety and uncertainty involved in every step. It is undeniable for you to find the process to be very complicated. The immigration consultants not only can help you through the challenges of the process but can also help you stay updated about the procedures.

The rules of the immigration change every year, and it is difficult for an individual to get to know about all of them without professional help. But now we will come to the most critical question and that is how to find out the best-suited Canada immigration consultancy.


  1. Check the basics: Whenever you are doing something new, you need to start from the basic and the rule remains the same in this case as well. The first thing that you need to know before hiring a Canadian immigration consultant is that if the consultancy is registered or accredited by any government body. The immigration regulatory body certifies the IRCC members and the consultants, and you need to go for such a consultancy who holds that accreditation. It is always better to go for a consultancy that has a physical office rather than the one who is only available online. You must make sure that the Canada Immigration consultancy you are going to hire has a dedicated team to work for their clients. Choosing an individual, the agent can be a matter of risk and which can also delay your process. You need to go for a proper and accurate background check before you close the deal with them. You must know the reputation of the consultancy in the market in terms of their service quality and their credibility. You can also seek reviews from real-time people or maybe previous clients of the same Canada immigration consultancy you are thinking of to hire.
  2. Check if they have enough experience: As the immigration rules keep on changing, you need to be sure that the consultancy you are going to hire is knowledgeable enough and are experienced in the same segment. You need to be sure that the consultancy has the capability of handling any situation that comes up to your way while applying for the PR. A regulated Canadian immigration consultant and an experienced team can help you to save a lot of money and time. Another factor behind hiring an experienced consultancy is that experience can help in building trust. You will definitely be comfortable while working with a trustworthy organization rather than someone who is new to the market. When you hire an experienced and knowledgeable consultancy, the rest of the process goes seamlessly. The experience and the success rate of the consultancy are some of the factors that you may consider at that moment. It is always better to go for the most trusted Visa immigration consultant who has more than 3 years of experience or at least has handled 100 cases of immigration.
  3. Interview the Consultancy: Immigration is an important decision, and you can’t afford to take any risk while you are just in the application stage. You need to have a transparency of service with the consultancy you are hiring. You must not choose one such consultancy which is situated in another country. It is always better to interview the consultancy in evaluating their potency in terms of providing you with the best services. You need to check the affordability of the Canada Immigration consultancy that you are going to hire. In the end, you need to get your works done flawlessly and you must not end up paying double the amount than what it actually takes. You can ask some basic questions like the experience of the company, their registration, jurisdiction, pricing, etc. The first thing you keep in mind while evaluating the consultancy is that they must not be hesitant about sharing the information asked by you. The consultancy must handle you with care and empathy. You don’t need to get to interview only one consultancy and settle for the same. You can work out on the Certified Canadian immigration consultant list in India and keep on talking to more than just one and settle for the one which satisfies all the factors to become the best fit for you. You need to work closely with the consultancy for a longer-term and thus building e understanding is an essential factor.
  4. Don’t go for fake promises: We know that shifting to a new country and having a better lifestyle seems to be a dream come true for you. But you need to be very cautious of immigration fraud while going through the process of immigration. Many consultancies will make fake and more significant promises just to grab the attention of the customers and maybe to bag the client. A genuine consultancy will make sure that all the documents and information are up to the mark from your end. If any consultancy continuously pushes you to lie about something related to yourself, it is always better to omit them from your list. No Canada Immigration consultancy will ever ask for holding your original documents. But if you are in such a condition and your original documents are being requested, be sure that it is the time to look for some better consultancy. Many consultancies offer lower pricing on their websites just to drag the attention of their target audiences. But they can ask you for more substantial amounts when you will actually get to work with them. Be aware of all the pricing before negotiating with them.
  5. Know their refund policy: You at any point in time may have a mind change or may have an alteration in the plan. You need to go through the website of the Canada Immigration consultancy to know about their refund and cancellation policy. If you can’t find any information to the satisfactory level, you may ask as many questions as you want during the process of interviewing them. Make sure that the consultancy is always ready to give your money back according to their cancellation policy.


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