Why Stay Alone In Canada? Live With Your Loved Ones And Apply For Canada Dependent Visa

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Nowadays, everyone is busy in their daily schedules as there are certain activities that are required to perform until the end of the day. Various couples living in different parts of the world have a problem in keeping in touch with each other. They tend to face discrepancies like internet connection, time zones or phone towers, etc. The only time when the couples living in a long-distance relationship can communicate with each other is when they get free time from their work or studies. Do you know that Canada allows you to stay with your better half on Canada dependent visa? The Canada dependent visa could be filed depending on your current visa status, work permit, or study permit.

If you have your study/working permit in Canada, you can apply for a Canada Dependent Visa for Spouse. In about 15 days from arrival, you are expected to receive your study/work permit. It gives your spouse a wonderful chance to thrive and work in Canada. The partner who doesn’t clear the IELTS and can live in Canada until their Canada dependent visa is valid. You do have the option of calling your children on the Dependent visa Canada. In contrast with other Canadian visas, the processing time for a spousal based work permit is shorter. A visa specialist will help you appreciate the vulnerability of a partner looking for a Canada PR.

Why Canada Dependent Visa Is Important?

  • In 1 to 3 months, one can receive the Canada Dependent visa of your spouse.
  • Your spouse can work full time officially.
  • Your better half must pass the eligibility test to sponsor your partner. 
  • It is not mandatory for your spouse to clear the IELTS.
  • Visas are an easy procedure if treated expertly by the employee.
  • You can stay with your spouse until your visa is valid.
  • As soon as your spouse arrives in Canada, they can start working.  
  • For the work dependent permit of your spouse, there is no need for any working experience.
  • Your better half must be 18 years of age. Must submit all the documents according to the directions of the expert.

Above are the nine reasons why Canada dependent visa are a big hit. On the spouse dependent visa for Canada, you cannot call your fiancĂ©. Many businesses sell visa services based on Canada, from which People Immigration, the Canada Immigration Consultancy is a trustworthy brand. For several years, we have provided visa services. Helped people unite to study/work permits with their spouses living in Canada. The visa application is known to our consultants and a list of documentation needed for visa requirements is given to you.

Important Details For Canada Dependent Visa

A Canada Dependent Visa aims to bring the members of your family those are dependent on you. If they have the necessary permits, to work, or to study full time in Canada. You can approve the following relationships for a dependent visa under the Canadian Dependent Visa:

  • Your spouse or the common-law partner or the conjugal partner  
  • Children below 21 years old are said to be dependent.
  • Parents or grandparents those who depend on them
  • A kid you adopted while you hold a nationality or a public relations department outside of Canada
  • Your mother, sister, daughter, nephew, uncle, aunt, etc.
  • You can live in Canada with the relations you sponsor. You may also apply for work in Canada by your spouse or the conjugal partner.

Eligibility Conditions Necessary For Sponsoring The Dependent

In order to sponsor a Canadian Dependent Visa, a person must provide Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). With documentation that provides details on his / her finances for the last twelve months. It will help to assess if the sponsor has the means to provide financial assistance for its dependents.

Necessary Documents

The required documentation for a Canadian based visa sponsorship includes:

  • Passport and history of your travel
  • Past history
  • Documentation of spouse/partner including the marriage document
  • Additional evidence of the link
  • Sponsor’s proof of sales for proper finances
  • Complete application and the consulate fees 

Final Thoughts

You would need some expert support if you marry a Canadian citizen and plan to settle in Canada. Fortunately, we at People Immigration are specialized in applications for a spousal sponsorship. You should first determine your eligibility as a first step towards beginning your application. Do not leave your spouse alone so get in touch with us today for your Canada dependent visa!!


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