The Requirements And Benefits Of Canada Permanent Residency As An Indian

Benefits Of Canada Permanent Residency To Indians

If you are thinking of having a Canada permanent residency, then it is a wise decision to check all the benefits that you can expect as an Indian. The first thing that you must know that Canada is always in need of skilled workers like you, to join the workforce of various employers in the country. If you are thinking of becoming a resident of Canada, there are many benefits for you in their store.


Well, let us discuss the key benefits that you get with a Canada Permanent Residency as an Indian are:

  • You get multiple entry visa for 5 years and which allows you to stay and work in the country.
  • You can take your family along with you through Canada family visa to Canada
  • If you have children below the age of 18, they are eligible to receive free education
  • Your spouse can get the option to work full time in the country
  • Benefits of moving to Canada with family is that your entire family will receive free healthcare
  • You can get unemployment benefits until you get a job

Let’s discuss 3 main advantages of Canada Immigration in details:

There are many aspects and benefits opportunities when you are applying and getting a PR for Canada. But let us talk about the three significant benefits that the federal government has to offer you when you get a PR of Canada as an Indian.

  1. Financial benefits: I think we chose to talk about the economic benefits first as you want to have a better standard of living and that is the reason you wish to migrate from India to Canada. Canada Immigration will give you a better quality of living with financial security as well. The PayScale of Canada in various sectors is very lucrative. As you will get a better pay scale, you can definitely expect to have a better standard of living in Canada. The Canada revenue agency regulates the taxes of the country. As an Indian, you will definitely receive better tax benefits and rebates. If you meet any accident or illness, you will receive worker’s compensation as well. This will help you to support your expenses and the family even during the period of ailment. Once you start working in Canada, you are definitely going to achieve taxable income which is going to get you extraordinary financial freedom. You can also get to start your own business in Canada.
  2. Benefits in Social Security: The Canadian government will also help you during the period when you have lost a job. You will also get the opportunity to try out for better jobs and better pay scale. Like other Canadian families, you will get the chance to get jobs quicker. There are many social security agreements that are there to protect your rights. The government will work for you when you are in stressful situations. The government is going to treat you as a national asset. When you have a valid work permit along with the Canada Permanent Residency visa, you are also eligible for the pension scheme from the federal government. This is for a secured retired life, and you will be self-sufficient even after your retirement.
  3. Better Family Life: Once you have a Canada permanent residency, your kids are eligible for free education. Your kids will have all the benefits like other Canadian Kids, which will lead to getting your children a better future. Under Canada child benefit schemes, you can avail free education for your kids. The country provides subsidies for university education to the permanent residents of Canada. After you receive a Canada permanent residency card, you can stay with your family and kids with the family status.


Though the Canadian government is enthusiastic about inviting new and skilled workers from across the world to have a Canada permanent residency, it doesn’t mean that everyone is eligible to have a permanent residency in Canada. To make the selection process easy and efficient, the government has set specific rules and regulations and the applicants need to satisfy all the requirements to get a PR in Canada. 

Being in Indian if you are willing to have a permanent residency in Canada, here are some requirements that the government has:

  • Your age must not be more than 47 years if you are willing to stay in Canada permanently and applying for Canada permanent residency. 
  • You must have at least one year of work experience to be considered under the skilled worker pool to apply for Canada permanent residency
  • You need to acquire 7 bands or more in each module of the IELTS exam 

The educational document requirement:

To get the Permanent Residency of Canada, every individual needs to submit some education documents in support of proving their educational qualification as mentioned in the Canada PR application form.

You need to have the document which proves your college degree and also implies that you have taken all the tests to complete your qualification. Also, you need to undergo the Educational credential assessment to determine your academic background as per the requirement of the government. You can visit the government site to check the point that you can get against the degree that you have acquired. 

Also, you need to have a valid passport. The applicant needs to undergo a medical test and even a background verification test. There are many more documents that you need to provide along with your application like proof of your age, proof of your residency in India, etc.

You need to have the capacity to talk fluently in English. The IELTS exam is a four-step process, and the score will justify your communication skills.

Before applying for Canada permanent residency, you can visit the website and check what are the requirements of skills and documents that you need to have to be eligible are. Once you lack somewhere according to the requirement of the PR rules, it is undeniable that your application will get rejected and you might apply for a new and fresh PR all over again. You can hire professional Canada Immigration consultants to help you to get better information.


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